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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Calla Lilies are in BLOOM again

Monday's Man:

Brian Bloom

I remember watching As The World Turns when I was a teenager and finding Dusty so cute. He had the most amazing eyes. The previous generation had Paul Newman as the best eyes, but my generation had Brian. Granted Brian may not end up as an icon like Newman, but his eyes are to die for.

Brian was also the hairiest teenager I'd ever seen. Nowhere in my high school gym class was a guy as hairy as Bloom (and believe me, I looked). It was nice to see a guy not shaving himself smooth like a twink. Brian never seemed to let it get crazy. I think he manscaped long before it was called that as evidenced by these Playgirl photos.

As I grew older, so did Brian. Now I know that sounds obvious, but most of my young crushes were so much older, that by the time I grew up, they were still there looking the same. Brian, on the other hand, was only a couple of years younger than me, so when I grew from teenager to young adult, so did he. He would guest star on a few night time shows before landing in the spot that I really grew to like him.

2000 Malibu Road.

You may not have heard of this show, but it was an attempt to cash in on the reinvention of the nighttime soaps.

Dynasty and Dallas had left the airwaves and the new generation of soaps hit like Melrose Place. The show starred Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals and Lisa Hartman-Black. Most of Brian's scenes were with Drew.

The show didn't last long and was cancelled after only 6 episodes.

Time passed and so did some more guest starring roles. He inherited Burt Reynolds' Bandit in a few TV movies.

Then came Oz. The HBO drama that was gritty and sexy all at the same time. This was a prison drama with foul language, violence and of course, sex! Brian came on as a guest star in the 4th season and became an obstacle in the relationship between lovers/enemies Beecher and Keller.

Lee Tergesen's Beecher wanted him and Christopher Meloni's Keller had already had him.

Like most guest stars on the show, Brian had to do the prison shower scene.

When it came time for his sex scene, it was giving Christopher Meloni's character a blowjob. Keller, being the sadistic killer that he was, snapped Bloom's neck and ended Brian's guest appearance.

Bye Bye Brian...only 2 episodes. Oh, well.

I recently watched the first season of Dollhouse and Brian had guest starred on it. Lately he's mostly been doing voice over work for video games and animated shows, but recently he was the co-writer on the big screen version of The A-Team and will appear in the film. I will keep my eyes peeled for him. Looks like that can't be wasted behind the scenes. Maybe he will do both...star and write...in the future. Here's hoping there's a resurgence of his popularity.

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