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Sunday, May 23, 2010

After Dark December 1978 The Final Chapter

Well this issue has been a ride. So much to read and see! From Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz to superheroes to fantasy art to Mommie Dearest to Dracula. "Dracula?" Yes, the Count from Transylvania also made a few appearance in this issue. Brant Mewborn had a great little piece on "The Fang Gang". There were many versions of Dracula appearing in theaters and here were the ones that were featured:

Raul Julia who was starring in Dracula in New York City;

Jean Leclerc who was on tour throughout the U.S. in Dracula;

Terence Stamp, from the London production of Dracula;

David O. Combs with Teresa Link in the New York City production of The Passion of Dracula;

Jose Greco in the Boston production of The Passion of Dracula;

Jeremy Brett with Margaret Whitton in Dracula in Los Angeles;

and finally, George Chakiris in London production of The Passion of Dracula.

Next we go from Count of Transylvania to the Transylvanians from Transexual--The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The film version of the stage show The Rocky Horror Show was making the midnight rounds and the loyal fan base was imitating the onscreen shenanigans with re-enactments in front of the screen. Little Nell (Nell Campbell), Patricia Quinn, Tim Curry and Richard O'Brien were becoming famous to a new legion of fans.

I don't know anyone who hasn't seen the film at least once. I remember my days playing the parts in front of the screen. I never got to be Frank N. Furter. I was always Brad, Ralph, or Richard O'Brien's Riff-Raff.

Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn as the brother-sister combo of Riff-Raff and Magenta would reunite for the "sequel"--Shock Treatment.

What I wouldn't give for abs like Peter Hinwood as Rocky (here with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick).

Brant Newborn also wrote a short article on Frank N. Furter himself and what he was up to. Well, the biggest thing Tim Curry was doing was putting out an album from A&M Records.

Speaking of albums, I know you have this one in your collection. I know I do. I have all the Village People albums. This ad was featured on the back cover of this issue. Everyone has a favorite Village People member and song, what's yours? Mine--Cowboy Randy Jones, of course. Constuction Worker David Hodo was a close second, but Randy always had that smile that got me. My favorite song--"Can't Stop the Music", the theme from the film of the same name. I've got it going over and over in my head now, but that's okay.

Lest I forget, the Christmas pin-ups I"ve promised:

Here are Bonnie George and Philip Traub in a phot by Bill Bernardo:

Though we're lapsed conservationists
And even worse conversationalists
We're very generous with our sins--
We'd love to get you under our skins.

Here's Woody Brown in a photo by Jack Mitchell:

Here's hoping
you get more
than you've got
And may all your
be white hot!

Stocking stuffers standing Kevin Lambert and Woody Brown with Frank Campisano in another photo by Billl Bernardo:

Deck your halls
with body stockings,
One size fits all!

Herb Ritts took this hot photo of Fred Harris:

Unwrapping is the best part of getting gifts.

I know it's only May, but all I have to say is "Happy Holidays!"

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