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Monday, June 10, 2013

The 12th Doctor

Now that Matt Smith has announced he will be leaving the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, the question becomes, who will be the 12th Doctor. I have my top 6 choices of candidates and so over the weekend, I decided to create images to show the possibilites: #6: Dan Stevens
Doctor Who 12-Dan Stevens by ~HillyBlue on deviantART Since he recently left Downton Abbey, he may be free to take on the role in 2014. I think he could play the role a little like the 5th Doctor, Peter Davison. #5: Benedict Cumberpatch
Doctor Who 12-Benedict Cumberpatch by ~HillyBlue on deviantART He would be ideal, however, he currently works with Steven Moffet on Sherlock and the characters are very, very similar already. #4: Richard Armitage
Doctor Who 12-Richard Armitage by ~HillyBlue on deviantART I think he would be a cross between Christopher Eccleston's 9th Doctor and David Tennant's 10th Doctor, with a little of John Barrowman's Captain Jack thrown in. #3: Matthew Macfadyen
Doctor Who 12-Matthew Macfadyen by ~HillyBlue on deviantART I really liked him in Spooks (aka MI-5), so he can handle action and drama, plus I think he could play it similar (but not the same, of course) as Paul McGann's 8th Doctor. #2: Rory Kinnear
Doctor Who 12-Rory Kinnear by ~HillyBlue on deviantART Like my choice #6, Rory would probably be similar to Peter Davison's 5th Doctor. I really liked him in Skyfall and with Bond movies coming out every 2-4 years, he wouldn't have to give them up to be the Doctor. and my #1 choice is: Jack Davenport
Doctor Who 12-Jack Davenport by ~HillyBlue on deviantART When they were originally looking for David Tennant's replacement, Steven Moffet said he was looking for someone older, but Matt Smith nailed the audition, so they went young. If he wants to go back to looking for someone older, then Jack Davenport would be perfect. He's seasoned and mature, he can do drama and comedy, and he's worked for Steven before. In fact, Jack's character on Coupling was a semi-autobiographical depiction of Steven. If I made a prediction, the winner would probably be Rory Kinnear, but I guess we'll just have to wait for the offical announcement from the BBC.


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