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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 31 Day TV Challenge begins tomorrow!!!

The 31 Day TV Challenge of 2013 is a meme for the month of August spotlighting television shows or moments each day of the month. Below is the list of prompts for each day. They have been revised for the 2013 year. Choose a television show or event that corresponds with the prompt and post on your timeline. Hopefully, you will have 31 different TV moments and shows by the end of the month. For each post, try to add a photo or video to correspond with your choice.

Day 1: Favorite TV Show ever

Day 2: A TV Show featuring your favorite actor/actress

Day 3: Least Favorite TV Show ever

Day 4: A show you used to like, but now hate

Day 5: The Greatest Television Moment in History

Day 6: Groundbreaking Television

Day 7: A hit show you could never get into

Day 8: Favorite Male Character on TV

Day 9: Favorite Female Character on TV

Day 10: Most annoying character on TV

Day 11: The funniest TV show you've watched

Day 12: Favorite TV Doctor

Day 13: Favorite TV Lawyer

Day 14: Favorite TV Cop

Day 15: Favorite TV Detective

Day 16: Favorite TV Spy

Day 17: Favorite TV Superhero

Day 18: A TV villain so bad they're great

Day 19: Saddest character death

Day 20: TV Family you would like to be a part of

Day 21: The TV Theme song you know all the words to

Day 22: TV Show with the best title sequence

Day 23: Best Cast

Day 24: Best TV Couple

Day 25: Your favorite TV Mini-Series

Day 26: Your favorite Talk Show Host

Day 27: Favorite TV Show from your childhood

Day 28: Best Season Cliffhanger

Day 29: Best Series Ending Episode

Day 30: Brilliant...but Cancelled

Day 31: Your "guilty pleasure" show

The final day of the 31 Day film Challenge: Day 31

Day 31 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The "perfect" film. A perfect film should have great cinematography, great acting, great music. A perfect film should incorporate many genres like fantasy, drama, horror, comedy and musicals. A perfect film should be watched by children, adults and families. Only one film hits all of these: THE WIZARD OF OZ.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 30 of the the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 30 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The "smartest" film you've seen. It's only good the first time you see it. Once you've seen it, you can never watch it again. THE USUAL SUSPECTS

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 29 missed

Somehow the day got away from me and I forgot to post my Day 29 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film that you will never tire of. Eric and I watch this at least once every other month... 9 to 5

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The 31 Day Film Challenge: Day 28

Day 28 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: Your "perfect date" film. A perfect date film means a romantic film. I can only think of one film the I love that is romantic. Combining a beautiful love story, a moving musical score, and time travel: SOMEWHERE IN TIME.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The 31 Day Film Challenge: Day 27

Day 27 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film from your childhood. As an only child, my imagination allowed me to play for hours with action figures and toy cars. I had a large collection of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. I would sit outside in the dirt making roadways, driveways, and caves for my cars to have chases. I had a red with white stripe Ford Torino that would be Starsky & Hutch chasing down the bad guys. I had a Batmobile that would race out of a cave to head to Gotham City. I had a Lincoln Continental, a dump truck, a station wagon, a Rolls Royce, etc... so I could re-enact the final demolition scene from NORTH AVENUE IRREGULARS.

Friday, July 26, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 26

Day 26 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The film that should have never had a sequel. There have been bad sequels, but not because they weren't wanted, just the script, execution, or acting were bad. To me, a film that should not have had a sequel is a film that had a definitive beginning, middle, and end, while not warranting the need to see where the characters went after the credits rolled. I would have said Speed 2: Cruise Control was that sequel, but it is what I would call a spin-off. It took only the character of Annie and put her in a different locale with a different supporting cast. The original Speed could have had a sequel, if Keanu had joined Sandra, so we could see the relationship go to the next level. So I finally decided that the film that didn't need a sequel was Gremlins. I was sad but satisfied with the ending and I didn't need to know what happened next. Now, I know where the characters went or what happened next and I was sorely disappointed. It took great memories of the original and tainted them, if only slightly. Gremlins was good enough and definitely did not need Gremlins 2: The New Batch.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 25 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The film that made you want to be a filmmaker. I was 10 years old and even then watching this film, I saw the three different styles that Richard Donner went for: the antiseptic, clean Krypton; the Norman Rockwell-esque Smallville; and the busy, fast-paced Metropolis. While Star Wars may have eclipsed all special effect films of the 70's, it was this film that grounded my fantasies in reality and made me realize that anything could be possible in film. My Saturday morning cartoon hero was bigger than life on the movie screen and I truly believed a man could fly: SUPERMAN

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The 31 Day Film Challenge: Day 24

31 Day Film Challenge--Day 24: Your "guilty pleasure" film. I actually don't really feel all that guilty about it. It was a film that was suppose to launch the 80's, but celebrated the end of the 70's. A few things I'm not a fan of: Steve Guttenberg has no rhythm and seemed to scream most of his lines...Bruce Jenner proved he can't act...Paul Sand (enough said)...but two stand outs from this film are Tammy Grimes and Marilyn Sokol who should have been spun-off into their own buddy sitcom. With a soundtrack featuring the original Village People that is in my top 10 albums, this "quasi-biographical" film about the formation of the Village People is a film I can watch just about any day or time of the week. You can't stop the glamour, you can't stop the excitement, you can't stop the dancing, you can't stop the laughter, but most of all you CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 31 Day Film Challenge: Day 23

Day 23 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The funniest film you've ever seen. Scene for scene, minute for minute...AIRPLANE!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 22 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The film you feel you should like, but don't. I know that for it's time, it was ahead of the curve. Innovative special effects and camera shots, great storytelling techniques and enigmatic plot device...s have made this one of the greatest films of all time. For some reason...I don't like it. I feel it's boring and because it has been analyzed to death and many films have taken the original and built upon the techniques, so I just feel that it is done. I applaud the movie for what it was and what it represents, but you will not catch me sitting through it one more time. I feel like I am trying to make excuses for what others will probably call the "perfect" film for the 31st day, but for me CITIZEN KANE falls here...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 21 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 21 of 31 Day Film Challenge: The film that not only changed the way you saw cinema, but the way you saw the world. While it could have been my favorite documentary, I saved it for this post. I originally saw this in 1999 on an old VHS tape Eric had. The Beales show you that no matter where you live or how you live, you can still have a positive outlook on life! The original (before Drew Barrymore and Broadway ruined it)...GREY GARDENS

Missed Day 20 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 20 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The best political film. Movies about politics have never been my cup of tea. I really had to rack my brain for this one, but I finally came up with one that I actually love! Here is Jack Lemmon and James Garner in MY FELLOW AMERICANS (it's as political as I get)!

Friday, July 19, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 19

It's Day 19 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The first film you saw in a theater. I'm going to have to modify this one. I am sure as a child I saw films like Herbie Rides Again or Disney's Robin Hood, but there isn't a specific memory with those. The first film that I saw in the theater that I remember seeing in a theater was JAWS. I remember my mother trying to cover my eyes during the shark attacks, but I wanted to see. Mom said that I was shaking during the music that represented the shark, so she didn't want me traumatized. The only other time I shook like that was playing the game Operation.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 18

Day 18 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The Worst Script in any Film. This movie is so bad it's good, but there is no denying that it is the worst script in the world. Even Gore Vidal, the author of the book that the script was based on, disowned this film. Here is the amazingly bad, but good Myra Breckinridge!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 17

Day 17 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The most beautiful scene in any film. A lot of films that I've listed have some great cinematography that enhance the scenes. Since I don't want to duplicate movies I've already listed or could possibly list in the coming weeks, I've chosen this scene that has fluid action and emotion combined with a breathtaking setting as Moon confronts Flying Snow in HERO.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 16 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 16 of the 31 Day Film Challenge. A film you just did not "get". I had a real problem with this day's subject. I couldn't decide whether it meant that the film was confusing and hard to follow or if it meant you didn't get the appeal ...of the movie that others seem to. Now I feel I'm pretty intelligent, so following plots has never really been a problem for me, but there have been a couple of films that I've thought, "What am I supposed to walk away from this film with?" So I guess that's the route I'm going to take: I remember seeing this film in the theater and owned it on VHS, hoping each time I could say, "Oh, I get it." I like the film, eventhough many people have a hard time with HD technique they used in 1987. So if anyone out there wants to explain the ultimate "lesson" of this film with me, please comment. My choice is Julia and Julia.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Day 15 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 15 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The Best Horror Film. Setting the standard of slasher films for years (isolation, creepy music, masked killer, teenagers on the run): Halloween is a genuine classic horror film. The killings aside, the best scares come from when he appears outside a window or emerging from the shadows, or just when you think he's dead, he rises up behind our heroine.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's Day 14 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 14 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film that you used to love, but now hate. I'm submitting this film, only because Eric and I revisited just recently and discovered how much we hate it. We both loved it when we were younger. We love some of the actors in it, like Paul L. Smith, Donald Moffat, Paul Dooley and of course, Shelley Duvall who was born to play Olive Oyl, though I'm sure she wouldn't consider it a compliment. A beloved childhood film from a director (Robert Atlman) who we love is now a film that I never want to see again. It took all our strength and patience to make it through this last time. So while I use to love it, I now hate POPEYE!

Day 13 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 13 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film with your least favorite actor/actress. In one of the worst film adaptations of a TV show (granted there haven't been many great ones), they not only changed the wonderful premise and killed any hope of success by doing so, but they put the worst (in my opinion) actor in it. So here is a film starring Will Farrell, my least favorite actor. BEWITCHED (what a travesty to such a beloved TV show)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 12

I've been looking forward to Day 12 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film with your favorite actor/actress. Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows that my favorite actress is Carrie Nye. Here's the tribute video I made a little while back While she hasn't been in many movies, people will usually recognize her from something. The most recognized role people seem to remember is Sylvia Grantham in the "Father's Day" segment of Creepshow.

Day 11 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

The 31 Day Film Challenge has reached Day 11: The best Sports film. I am not a huge sports nut. I can sit through a game of football, baseball, basketball, etc. I don't, however, follow teams or rearrange my Sunday to be sure to catch a ...game. So this topic was a little hard for me. If I was a huge baseball fan, I might pick The Natural, Field of Dreams, or Eight Men Out. If I was a football fan, I might pick The Longest Yard (Burt Reynolds version), Rudy, or North Dallas Forty. Since I'm not a big sports fan, the only sports movie that I can enjoy over and over again is SHAOLIN SOCCER!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge--Day 10

Day 10 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film from your favorite director. A great director is one who can film any genre and my favorite director could do just that. He directed family holiday movies (A Christmas Story), teenage sex romps ...(Porky's), mysteries (Murder by Decree), even television episodes (Eric's favorite Amazing Stories episode--"Remote Control Man"). My favorite director is Bob Clark and the film I chose to spotlight for the film challenge was one of his early horror classics: Black Christmas

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day 9 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

It's the 9th Day of the 31 Day Film Challenge where I name my choice for best documentary film. There were a few I have really liked that were thought provoking, educational, or inspiring. Ultimately, I had to choose one that it just plain fun: Best Worst Movie - Troll 2 Documentary.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge: Day 8

Day 8 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film you can quote a line from. There are many films that Eric and I quote lines from like "9 to 5", "Evil Under the Sun", and "Clue", but the one we quote probably more than any other is "Murder by Death".

Saturday, July 6, 2013

It's Day 7 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

The topic for Day 7 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A film with your favorite soundtrack. I had a hard time with this one. When people talk of their favorite genre of music (i.e. pop, country, rap, heavy metal, etc.), I always say soundtracks. Whether it is the score or a collection of songs, I love music that reminds me of the visuals from the movie in my head. I decided against musical soundtracks, because there are many that I love, but for some reason, I didn't feel like it was fair to the other films. It's just the way my brain works. I debated among three movies...Kill Bill Vol. 1 Flash Gordon, and the eventual winner...James Bond spy spoof CASINO ROYALE!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 6 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

A film that reminds you of a certain event. Every summer, we'd go to Florida for a week (sometimes two) to visit the rest of the family because we were the only ones that lived out of state. My cousins (which were a lot) and I would go to the Priest Theatre for movie night. The one that sticks out the most in my mind was CANNONBALL RUN. Everyone was imitating the Jackie Chan "split the pants" kick and running around yelling "Captain Chaos!"

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 5 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 5 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: A movie that reminds you of someone: CONVOY reminds me of my dad. Usually, I went to the movies with the family or friends, but this was the first film I saw where it was just me and my dad. We saw it at the little "theater" (really just a common room with a projector, speakers, and a screen) at the NAS Willow Grove base in Pennsylvania. I was probably 10 or 11.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

31 Day Film Challenge

So, I've decided to take the 31 Day Film Challenge, but I'm starting a day late. (No surprise there) DAY 1-Your Favorite Film: BAGDAD CAFE DAY 2-Your Least Favorite Film: CONDORMAN


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