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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Top Ten Worst Mothers on Film Introduction

This past Mother's Day, I gave my mother a box set with 10 DVDs representing the worst mothers on film. I could have done the best mothers, but that would have been boring and not as much fun to work with. I created a special video counting down the top ten and this is the introduction. Find out why Medea, Mother Love, Friday the 13th and Serial Mom didn't make this list.

Check back later for each installment!!!


  1. Holy shit, that scene from Mother Love was NUTS! I'd actually never heard of that film but now I'm gonna have to track it down. Also, good call on Serial Mom and Friday the 13th not qualifying for this list. At first I was like WHAT?! But it makes sense. Also, it's great to finally SEE you! I can't wait for more videos. :)

  2. Well, keep watching, because Eric appears in #6 and most of the rest. You can also watch them on YouTube under my HillyBlueTube channel. Turn on Autoplay and they play back to back which shows you the flow. Of course, by the time they are all posted, it runs about an hour and ten minutes.....LOL



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