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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Happily Ever After?

Mom Smackley and I are doing an art project called People, Places, and Things. Each week, we pick items out of a "hat" and create an image incorporating these items. The items we got from our "hat" this week were Joyce Jameson, Grocery Store and a vacuum cleaner.

I decided to cast Joyce as an aging Cinderella who married her Prince Charming, but during the recession they lost all their money and opened a supermarket. Luckily, her animal friends still assist her with the cleaning and old friends still stop by to see her.

Here's Mom Smackley's submission for the week:

Check back for next week's results...we're doing Orson Welles, Kitchen and lasagna. It's funny that kitchen and lasagna were drawn during the same week. I can bet you that Garfield will probably show up in both...wait and see!

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