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Saturday, November 6, 2010


I know FemForce is a girl group of heroes drawn in "good girl" art style published by AC Comics, but none of those characters will be appearing in my upcoming posts. I started off trying to think about all the female superheroes that have made it to live action and animation so I could make a list of not only how many there were, but to also determine my grouping.

Characters like the live action heroine Black Scorpion and the animated Jana of the Jungle will not be included in these posts. I love those characters, but I want to concentrate only on the comic book heroines that have jumped off the pages into action. Some will be short while others will be longer. Some characters will have more than one post to cover all the media versions I can. My thanks go out to the actresses that have filled the costumes and given voices to some great characters. Many more thanks for the writers and artists who have created these characters and the comic book companies like DC Comics and Marvel who keep them around.

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