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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Global Guardians

Fire & Ice

The Global Guardians were an international group of heroes that teamed up with the Super Friends in the comic based on the television show. Two members to appear were Green Fury and Icemaiden. When they joined the Justice League, they changed their names to Fire and Ice.

Fire’s history has been changed and altered many times. She started as Green Fury, the Brazilian hero who could breathe mystical green fire. When she joined the Justice League with Icemaiden, they changed their names and Fire eventually developed the ability to change herself into a being of green fire due to a metagene bomb. When the creators of a new version of the Justice League brought the two characters as members, they created a new secret identity for Ice. They had not realized that Icemaiden was Sigrid Nansen from Norway. So Tora Olafsdotter became the new Icemaiden and changed her name to Ice. When Ice died in battle, the original Icemaiden took her place. Luckily, Ice returned and Fire and Ice were reunited.

In 1997, a pilot for a new show was filmed called Justice League of America.

It never aired, but Michelle Hurd and Kimberly Oja portrayed the heroines.

Lousy special effects and casting missteps (David Ogden Stiers as Martian Manhunter) guaranteed that it would never become a series. Regardless of the quality, it was the first time live action actors were portraying Fire and Ice.

When Justice League Unlimited aired, our DC heroines were part of the backdrop, but got special moments of action and Fire actually had speaking lines.

Though these female heroes are not the top tier of characters in the DC comics line, they have developed a following and maybe this won’t be the last time they appear in action on TV or film.

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