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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tabitha and Aunt Minerva

Two-for-one on today's Witch-A-Day post. In 1977, Lisa Hartman headlined the short-lived sitcom Tabitha as the title character. This Bewitched spin-off had the Stephens' daughter as a young adult working at a local Los Angeles television station. Adam was also on the series, but displayed none of the powers he exhibited at the end of the parent series. In fact, he was now Tabitha's older brother and was just as nervous about Tabitha using her powers like his father Darrin was with his mother Samantha.

It may not have been a true continuation of Bewitched with minor changes in established history, but appearances by Abner and Gladys Kravitz, plus a special appearance from Dr. Bombay, helped in connecting the audience with the past.

Along for the ride, was the Endora-like character of Aunt Minerva. Aunt Minerva was not mentioned in Bewitched, but from the looks of things, she was always involved in Tabitha's life. She encourages Tabitha to use her powers and is a bit of bad influence on the young witch. Karen Morrow does a great job as Minerva who is kind of a cross between Endora and Serena.

I'll do an actual review of Tabitha's short half-season run in a future post.

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