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Monday, July 22, 2013

Day 22 of the 31 Day Film Challenge

Day 22 of the 31 Day Film Challenge: The film you feel you should like, but don't. I know that for it's time, it was ahead of the curve. Innovative special effects and camera shots, great storytelling techniques and enigmatic plot device...s have made this one of the greatest films of all time. For some reason...I don't like it. I feel it's boring and because it has been analyzed to death and many films have taken the original and built upon the techniques, so I just feel that it is done. I applaud the movie for what it was and what it represents, but you will not catch me sitting through it one more time. I feel like I am trying to make excuses for what others will probably call the "perfect" film for the 31st day, but for me CITIZEN KANE falls here...

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