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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The 31 Day Film Challenge: Day 24

31 Day Film Challenge--Day 24: Your "guilty pleasure" film. I actually don't really feel all that guilty about it. It was a film that was suppose to launch the 80's, but celebrated the end of the 70's. A few things I'm not a fan of: Steve Guttenberg has no rhythm and seemed to scream most of his lines...Bruce Jenner proved he can't act...Paul Sand (enough said)...but two stand outs from this film are Tammy Grimes and Marilyn Sokol who should have been spun-off into their own buddy sitcom. With a soundtrack featuring the original Village People that is in my top 10 albums, this "quasi-biographical" film about the formation of the Village People is a film I can watch just about any day or time of the week. You can't stop the glamour, you can't stop the excitement, you can't stop the dancing, you can't stop the laughter, but most of all you CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC!

1 comment:

  1. Totally my favorite guilty pleasure film. And like you, I don't feel guilty about loving it.



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