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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The 31 Day TV Challenge begins tomorrow!!!

The 31 Day TV Challenge of 2013 is a meme for the month of August spotlighting television shows or moments each day of the month. Below is the list of prompts for each day. They have been revised for the 2013 year. Choose a television show or event that corresponds with the prompt and post on your timeline. Hopefully, you will have 31 different TV moments and shows by the end of the month. For each post, try to add a photo or video to correspond with your choice.

Day 1: Favorite TV Show ever

Day 2: A TV Show featuring your favorite actor/actress

Day 3: Least Favorite TV Show ever

Day 4: A show you used to like, but now hate

Day 5: The Greatest Television Moment in History

Day 6: Groundbreaking Television

Day 7: A hit show you could never get into

Day 8: Favorite Male Character on TV

Day 9: Favorite Female Character on TV

Day 10: Most annoying character on TV

Day 11: The funniest TV show you've watched

Day 12: Favorite TV Doctor

Day 13: Favorite TV Lawyer

Day 14: Favorite TV Cop

Day 15: Favorite TV Detective

Day 16: Favorite TV Spy

Day 17: Favorite TV Superhero

Day 18: A TV villain so bad they're great

Day 19: Saddest character death

Day 20: TV Family you would like to be a part of

Day 21: The TV Theme song you know all the words to

Day 22: TV Show with the best title sequence

Day 23: Best Cast

Day 24: Best TV Couple

Day 25: Your favorite TV Mini-Series

Day 26: Your favorite Talk Show Host

Day 27: Favorite TV Show from your childhood

Day 28: Best Season Cliffhanger

Day 29: Best Series Ending Episode

Day 30: Brilliant...but Cancelled

Day 31: Your "guilty pleasure" show

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