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Sunday, March 28, 2010

After Dark January 1977

As I stated before, I bought three issues of After Dark because there were articles in them on people Mom Smackley and I liked. The first was because of Carrie Nye, but this issue was because of Susan Tyrrell. Mom Smackley became pen pals with Susan Tyrrell many years ago and that relationship grew to be friendship. We even named one of our cats Susu after Ms. Tyrrell's nickname. After Dark writer Viola Hegyl Swisher wrote an article titled "The Taming of Susu" where she talks about her career and acting style.

This issue was a cornucopia of treasures. I like to call it the Bad issue because it features the three stars of Andy Warhol's Bad.

In addition to Susu, cover boy Perry King is featured in an article by Norma McLain Stoop. He was coming off the success of Mandingo and The Wild Party.

"Baby Doll Grows Up" was an article by Foster Hirsch featuring Carroll Baker, the third star from Bad. A famous star of the 50's and early 60's, she received a revival of sorts by starring in Bad.

Marita Phillips revealed the inner thoughts of Terence Stamp in her article "I Would Starve If I Couldn't Cook".

Patrick Pacheco reviewed A Star is Born starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson.

After Dark editor William Como had an editorial column called "Speaking Out" where he spoke of visiting movie houses in the 30's to see Mr. Skeffington, Watch on the Rhine and The Women. There was even a nice little tribute to Rosalind Russell who had passed away recently.
He also publicized a new book called "The Hurrell Style: 50 Years of Photographing Hollywood" which featured photographer George Hurrell's glamour shots of stars like Bette Davis.

Norma McLain Stoop featured A Little Night Music starring Elizabeth Taylor and Diana Rigg which I will probably review myself at a later date.

The rest of this issue will have to reviewed later today.

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