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Monday, March 29, 2010

Heavy Equipment

Monday's Man

My love of After Dark and the culture of gay life in the 70's of course led me to discover Jack Wrangler. Jack was more than just a gay porn star. He was an actor, director and producer as well as an entrepeneur. If you get a chance to see Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon you will appreciate him on a whole different level than you do right now. He explains his path from the John Stillman, son of a Hollywood producer to model, to gay porn star, to straight porn star until he finally married singer Margaret Whiting. This unlikely pairing was strange to the world, but through this documentary he is able to explain the marriage and why it was probably his most important relationship ever.

One of Jack Wrangler's most famous films was Kansas City Trucking Co.

He also starred in Killing Me Gently

and the 3-D gay porn film Heavy Equipment and many, many more.

Jack's business sense was also to exploit the character of Wrangler

The "In His Own Image" ad is from a whole photoshoot to promote his "product":

So, if you get the chance to see the documentary Wrangler: Anatomy of an Icon you will enjoy it. It was sadly finished only a year before he passed away in 2009 from emphysema. If anyone knows how to get a DVD copy of Kansas City Trucking Co. or any of his other films...let me know. I want it just for referencing *wink*.

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  1. He really was something, wasn't he? The documentary is terrific and I'm glad you're mentioning it.

    Such a wonderful blog, keep going!



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