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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hunk of Steel

What's On Wednesday:

I recently rented the Superboy series and was amazed at how bad the show was. It's funny how the mind plays tricks on you. I remember when the show was orignally on and thought it was great. The times they are a-changing. The series starred John Haymes Newton in the title role for the first season (which is the only season available on DVD).

Gerard Christopher took over the role in the second season and stayed with it until it ended after the fourth season. Let me state right now, Newton was sooooo much hotter than Christopher.

The special effects, for the time, I guess were pretty good. Now they just look cheap. The only special effect that still holds up well are the taking off shots were he's hooked to a crane by a harness. The rear projection/greenscreen looks like Land of the Lost from the 70's.

As much as I dislike Michael J. Pollard's acting style, he was perfectly cast as Mr. Mxyzptlk.

Now the best part of the show was Scott Wells. He played probably the best looking Lex Luthor ever!!!

He even had a muscle bound jock that was part sycophant, part admirer (lover?).

When the second season started they hired Sherman Howard to play Lex...now I'm limp.

Do you want to watch it? Nah...from the first season only 3 episodes were even tolerable and only because of the eye candy.

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  1. Love your commentary. Spot on...eye candy and all. Currently, John H-Newton is doing the voice of Superman for some indy animation shortsa friend is doing; his real-life wife plays Lois. Yet, I secretly hoped he was gay, but for now your screen grabs are enough. THANK YOU for this excellent post.



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