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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Munroe Sisters

I was, and still am, a "Charlie's Angels" fan. I watched it from day one and if I ever missed an episode, I would go into a deep depression for two days. Once in a while, throughout the 90's, I would catch them being rerun on TNT or TVLand and would watch them or tape them. Thankfully, they have been releasing them on DVD (still hoping and waiting for the 5th season).

I became a huge fan of Farrah Fawcett-Majors. When I heard she was leaving, I thought the show wouldn't be the same. Much to my surprise it was, if not better. It's not that I forgot about Farrah, but Cheryl Ladd was so great on the show that it worked. Now everyone knows the story of Farrah's return for guest spots due to the lawsuits, but when I heard she was going to be guest-starring on episodes with my other favorite Angel, Cheryl, I was excited. Would they pull off the sisterly vibe? Would Cheryl get pushed to the background so that the original Angels could interact?
People argue about this all the time, but I think they did a great job. Farrah was contractually obligated for six guest appearances over seasons 3 and 4. Now, I'm sure that being forced to return to a show that you didn't want to do anymore was hard (the fact that her pay for guest appearing was higher than any other Angel who was starring probably didn't hurt) It was probably also tough to return to a show that is doing better in the ratings once you left. Poor Cheryl, who came into a no-win situation and did the impossible--she won, probably was a little weary of Farrah's return. She was going to be the fourth one in a Three Musketeer group.
On screen I liked their interactions. I felt they pulled it off. There were subtle touches and hugs aplenty. I always felt that while we were not seeing Farrah, the actress, on the show, it was possible that the characters of Kris and Jill were in touch often enough with letters and phone calls. I may just wish it were that way, but I can dream, it's my post after all. While some of the episodes that were tailored for Farrah's return were not always top notch, I think that Cheryl and Farrah were.

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