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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black and Blue

As I was leaving the parking lot at work, I pulled out into standstill traffic based on the wave of someone letting me out. Little did I know another car was speeding around that one and I hit their passenger side door. No one was hurt and my front driver's side fender and headlight was damaged. Their passenger side door was crushed in.

I, of course, got the ticket for "Failure to Yield". Luckily both of us were driving well made cars that were a little older and the damage was minimal compared to what it might have been if we were driving different ones. I haven't been involved in any kind of accident since 1992. I couldn't even remember how to call the cops for the accident report. I'm thinking in my head that calling 911 would be wrong since none of us were hurt or bleeding. It seems that it's a waste to call an emergency number when there really isn't an emergency. Maybe there should be a *911 for non-emergency calls.

I will be in the market for a new car. I will probably wait until the following weekend to car shop. I guess with all the news on Toyotas, I may not look at them, which is a shame, because there are plenty of them I like. I so didn't want to have a car payment again. It's been nice having the disposable income to waste on DVDs, shoes and such. Que sera, que sera...

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