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Thursday, March 25, 2010

They're all together ooky

The Addams Family Card Game

I recently bought this on eBay because I have this thing about board games or card games based on television shows and movies. A group of people at Milton Bradley or Parker Brothers sit around and try to come up with a game that will tie in to a popular television show or movie. In some cases it is a stretch but in others it can be very clever.

This one is not so clever. I love the original The Addams Family show. It was cleverly written with just enough creepy and cooky. Milton Bradley could have at least watched the show and come up with a better game than this one. The only way to describe it is basically the old "War" card game.

You remember that game. You and your opponent each lay down a card and whoever has the highest takes both cards. If you lay down matching cards, you lay three face down and then on the fourth you determine the winner of the "Battle". The game ends when one person holds all the cards. Sometimes you could get a game that seemed to go on forever.

Well instead of coming up with a mansion type game like "Clue" or a haunted house type game like "1313 Deadend Drive", the brains of Milton Bradley make a "War" game based on the images of the characters from The Addams Family (but not all).

In this game Gomez cards can only take Morticia cards.

Morticia in turn can only take Children (Wednesday and Pugsley together on one card) cards.

The Children can only take Gomez cards.

The exciting, which I use loosely, part of the game is the Wild cards...a card with Lurch and Uncle Fester. The Wild cards can take all cards.

Poor Grandmama...she was left out. They even took her image out of the family portrait on the box cover.

While I like the looks of the cards with images of Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Lisa Loring, Ken Weatherwax, Ted Cassidy and Jackie Coogan and I love the TV show...the game is a little uninspired.

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