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Sunday, May 9, 2010

After Dark September 1982 cont'd

One of Blogger's shortcomings is the limit of characters allowed for labels. In most cases, I don't usually run over, unless I'm posting an issue of After Dark. There is so much in each issue, that I hate not to label them and many will appear again and again in these issues. The plus of having to split up issues of After Dark is getting to post the cover with Maxwell Caulfield again. Yum.

Like I said in the previous post, this issue focused on Broadway. This post is going to focus on the ladies featured in the "Women of the Years" article by Joel Kudler with photographs from his collection. First up is Woman of the Year star Lauren Bacall. She also appeared on Broadway in Applause, the musical version of the Bette Davis classic All About Eve.

Replacing Lauren Bacall in Woman of the Year was Raquel Welch.

Replacing Lauren Bacall in Applause was Rita Hayworth, unfortunately, she never made it to Broadway, but Joel used it as an excuse to show this rare rehearsal shot of Rita.

Marlene Dietrich did her one-woman show on Broadway.

Fanny Brice, a Ziegfeld Follies star, as her alter ego Baby Snooks.

Bette Davis starred in the musical Two's Company and the Tennessee Williams play Night of the Iguana.

Ann Miller started out in George White's Scandals, before going on to Mame and Sugar Babies.

Vivien Leigh won a Tony for Tovarich in 1963.

Judy Garland made theatre history by bringing back Vaudeville in 1951.

The musical Gypsy told the story of one mother and two sisters. The two sisters were Gypsy Rose Lee who starred in Star and Garter...

...and Baby June aka June Havoc who starred in Pal Joey and Sadie Thompson.

Famous for playing characters like Mama Rose in Gypsy was Ethel Merman.

Another great lady to play the Great White Way as the infamous Mama Rose was Angela Lansbury.

Hispanic dynamite comes in two definite forms...Chita Rivera who starred in West Side Story and Chicago...

...and the wonderful Rita Moreno who played Chita's role in the film version of West Side Story and recreating her own Tony award-winning role from The Ritz for the film version.

That's it for the "Special Broadway Issue". It's a shame we can't see these women perform these roles on the stage anymore. I was definitely born in the wrong decade.


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