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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tony Driscoll

What's On? Wednesday: Dynasty

You would think I would post about Joan Collins, Linda Evans, the two Pamelas (Bellwood and Sue Martin), or even the catfights, but nope. You would think I would post about Gordon Thompson, John James, Michael Nader, Jack Coleman, or the many hot secretaries that Alexis employed, but nope. All of those will probably come later. The first thing I've got to post about Dynasty is the gardener, stableboy, handyman, and jack-of-all-trades Tony Driscoll. If you are saying to yourself, "Who?" then you need to go and buy the first four seasons of Dynasty right now! Or more specifically Seasons Two and Four.

The gorgeous Paul Keenan played Tony Driscoll in only twelve episodes of Dynasty, but he definitely made an impact on me. His character was an integral staff member of the Carrington estate.

He had many jobs around the mansion, the stables and the grounds.

For a time, it looked like he may have been the groundskeeeper.

Luckily, his job was established that he was working at the Carrington Farms stables.

It seems the Carringtons, being rich and all, do a lot of riding, so we got to see him bringing horses to many members of the family and helped them mount the horse.

He cared about the people he worked for, like when he came upon Jeff about to change a tire and stepped in so Jeff wouldn't dirty his clean clothes. I'm so glad he did it with his shirt open.

Tony was also allowed to ride and exercise the horses he was entrusted with.

He was also involved in some very important storylines.

He was the one that told Krystle that Alexis was out shooting the day her spooked horse threw and dragged her causing her miscarriage. This led to the first (and best) catfight between the two divas.

He was also called upon to help Kirby when her fingers were swelling during her pregnancy and her ring was cutting off her circulation.

He brought his camera and took pictures of Fallon arriving home for the first time with the new Carrington grandbaby, L.B.

He was wrongfully blamed for being incompetent when Allegree (the Carrington's prize-winning horse) was kidnapped.

Thankfully, he was cleared when it was determined he was drugged by dastardly villains.

Paul Keenan appeared in a handful of episodes in Season two and returned in Season four, but sadly they didn't bring him back for five. By 1986, Paul had passed away leaving us with a few filmed roles that shows his beauty and talent.

I think if Paul had lived, he would eventually have gone on to bigger roles. He did appear in Days of Our Lives before Dynasty and a couple of other things, but Dynasty was the biggest exposure. He got to work with most of the main cast.

Hey, he did more episodes than Helmut Berger and was better looking. He most certainly could have been posted as a Monday's Man. He even, in my opinion, outshined some of the other guys on the show.


  1. Thank you for the nudge to remember this hot actor as one of the men of DYNASTY. & thanks for the swell pics. I actually miss theose DYNASTY years. I watched from the very 1st episode.

  2. Oh I love him. I never got to watch Dynasty in Singapore but watching old fight scenes of Alexia and Krystle, I did see the beautiful Tony Driscoll in one of the scenes.
    Then I found out about his untimely death and it reminded me about another gorgeous hunk who had also died of HIV a few years later: Tom McBride

  3. I was just searching online and stumbled upon your blog. Paul was my uncle and sadly passed before I was born. But I see his pictures all around my house and it's great learning more about his life and seeing people still remember him.

  4. ECsunny, "PJ" (as we called him, Paul Jr because he hated Paul Frances and Paulie and he was second Paul we all knew so he got the nickname). PJ was my neighbor and good friend when we all lived in same apts in Studio City. I loved that boy and miss him so terrbile. He was a good friend to Paul Wallace, Tim Murphy (also an actor), Tommy McBride (model friend of Paul's), David (another actor, don't remember his last name, lived down the breezeway from us), me, everyone. I don't think he had an enemy in California. We all worked out at the same gym. So cherish those memories. Everyone is gone but me, I don't know how because we all were gay in 1980s. I heard from Paul Wallace's sister that Paul Senior was sick a few years ago. I mean, he was in his 80s. I hope he is doing well.



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