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Sunday, May 9, 2010

After Dark September 1982

In my post about After Dark September 1972, I said my next post would feature the issue released a decade later to compare. When I said that, I didn't realize that it was the issue with gorgeous Maxwell Caulfield on the cover. Wowza. He was so beautiful in '82. Kenn Duncan was able to capture exactly what I found attractive in Max (well, except for the abs). There is another issue that has one of the best photographs I've ever seen of Maxwell Caulfield. When I post it, you'll see what I mean. Something to look forward to. Until then, enjoy the centerfold photo that Kenn Duncan did of Max.

Well on to the comparison. Except for the logo change and color cover, not much change in the 10 years. After Dark still catered to the same demographics. I mean, even when they publish a sports photo, there is something homoerotic about it. This photo courtesy of AP features Antonio Cabrini and Claudio Gentile of Italy as they celebrate defeating the West Germans in the World Cup Soccer final in Madrid.

The '72 issue was photo heavy because it featured photos that had been taken, but not used in previous issues. This issue is also photo heavy, because it was spotlighting Broadway. The first article, by Loren King, featured photographs by Ken Howard and contained an interview with Harvey Fierstein. His Torch Song Trilogy was leaving the Off-Broadway theatres to head to the Great White Way.

Along for the ride with Harvey was future "Golden Girl", Estelle Getty, who played his mother.

"The lure of the grease paint" was the next article by Merrick Bursuk with photographs by Rivka Shipman Katvan. Two featured actors were Angela Lansbury who was getting made up as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeny Todd...

...and her co-star Victor Garber.

Liliane Montevecchi had just won the Tony Award for The Best Featured Actress in a Musical. The musical was Nine and Jill Lynne interviewed her and took this photograph of Liliane with Tommy Tune. Tommy called her his "Divine inspiration".

Russ Tamblyn may have played the youngest brother in the film version of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, but he had nothing in the looks department when compared to Craig Peralta who was in the Broadway stage revival.

Cats hit the Winter Garden. Jill Lynne featured them in an article appropriately titled "Pussies galore".

Alan W. Petrucelli, an Associate Editor for US Magazine, wrote his first piece for After Dark. The article was "Technicolor dreams come true" and featured Tony nominated Laurie Beechman who was performing in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

"Best Feet Forward" was about the resurgence of dance in America. Photographer Lorraine Sylvester captured the Holofernes' warriors in Judith and their costumes(?) by Halston(?).

Another article was "Women of the Years" by Joel Kudler. A pictorial tribute to the dazzling musical ladies of Broadway. I'll post the photos in the next post. (too many for the labels allowed per post)

One thing that was similar to the '72 issue was Warhol superstars Candy Darling and Pat Ast were featured in that issue while Edie Sedgwick was featured in this issue. The reason: Edie: an American Biography by Jean Stein was released in '82.

A few ads that I wanted to spotlight from this issue includes the "Superstars of Magic", Siegfried & Roy...

...this one for the Club Bath Chain (hot guy in a towel)...

...and, finally, this ad for Backstreet. My first gay bar was Backstreet and I spent many hours there...and then, of course, would turn around and spend many hours the next night, too. From 1989 until 1999, you could find me there most weekend nights. That was before Mom Smackley entered my life.

The comparison ends here. A few more color photos and a new generation of readers, but all in all the same. Well, there does seem to be a lack of nudity. Guess we can't have it all. Check the next post for the "Women of Broadway" from this issue.


  1. I love a good Italian crotch-grabbing.

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  2. It's always a good thing! Thanks for visiting...come back often.



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