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Monday, May 17, 2010

Paul Bunyan

Monday's Man: Bruce Morgan

The January 1974 issue of In Touch presented Bruce Morgan as their "Discovery" of the month. Thom Taylor profiled Bruce as--Paul Bunyan personified in Los Angeles. The photos were taken by In Touch photographer Hy Chase.

It seems Bruce really, really liked "the inherent beauty in nature". "I can have an orgasm, actually cum, just looking at a beautiful tree."

Ok...if you say so, but it looks like the statue is helping a little.

"I'm not into bodies especially, I'm into the mind. That's what fascinates me. Really, I'm not into fucking--guys or girls--although that's the way I make my living. I want more from a relationship than just a fuck. I've been through the scene of going to bed with beautiful people just because I was in a position to do it. It doesn't really interest me anymore"

At the time of this article, Bruce was enrolled at both UCLA and Santa Monica City College studying cinematography and business economics. His goal was to someday "interpret love on celluoid as I see it."

Bruce had no problem expressing his feeling on drugs: "Everyone should experience psychedelics under a controlled environment. It gives you such insight. You see things in a totally different perspective. Your mind is going so fast that there's no time to stop and linger on any particular thought because they keep flashing through your head. I think society as a whole needs to have more understanding for the people who use psychedelics."

Well, Bruce, if you were Paul Bunyan personified, I'd like to thank you for showing us your big blue ox.

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