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Saturday, July 3, 2010

After Dark December 1979 (The Ads)

Sometimes, my favorite part of an issue is the ads. This issue had some great ones that I wanted to share. First up, is an ad for ads. After Dark was reaching out to business to market and publicize their products in the magazine. I mean, with an audience of After Dark readers who were affluent, professional, educated, label-conscious and high-end drinkers, you couldn't go wrong.

Record companies always had a lot of ads in issues of After Dark. Casablanca had the hottest, new LP from Cher called Prisoner.

Not to mention, Casablanca also had the newest album from the Village People, Live and Sleazy. I love this photo of the guys.

Disco legend Gloria Gaynor had a new record from Polydor called I Have a Right.

And finally, two divas together: Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer.

Clothing ads are always great to see. They are usually filled with hot guys in very trendy clothes from Eleganza. But, this issue's only fashion ad worth showing was not for the clothes themselves, but just the hot guy in Dolfin Shorts.

Club, food and travel ads are always a lot of fun to look at. This first example is for a restaurant called Reverse. I just love the owner's statements. It seems it was more than just a restaurant with a cabaret and hours until 6 AM. This ad is very simple and I think that's the reason it struck me in this issue. It wasn't a quarter-page ad, it was a full-page ad and it was simple.

BC Club Miami wanted you to skip Fire Island and visit them in the winter. You could stay with a friend (or three...)

I think my favorite ads though, have to be for the weird products you could get. I'll post the conch shell earmuffs and nipple bra ads sometime in the future, but this issue had Attitude, an adult paperdoll book. Gee, you could dress Lance in leather and levis and play with him or thirty of the other "tricks and treats between these sheets". Yeah, this magazine didn't cater to gay men at all. Right. Who has a copy of this book?

I'll collect all the weird ads like the paper doll book together in one post sometime in the future. It will be good for a laugh.


  1. My college roommate got a job with After Dark the summer before his Sr Year in '78, then full time after graduation, until they folded. He loved it!

  2. Just want to say thank you, AD is awesome!

  3. I don't know if you'll find this of any interest, but I laughed when I saw the cover with Matt Collins because I have a VHS copy of "The Last Resort" starring him.

  4. I have a copy of it, too, under the title "Tropic of Desire". I have some screen grabs from it in my post on Matt Collins:




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