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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


YouTube Tuesday presents:

I don't think there is a gay man (over the age of 30) in the U.S. who doesn't know about Margo Channing. All About Eve is also probably in the film collection of every one of them. How appropriate that the musical version has a scene where Margo goes to a gay bar in Greenwich Village and all the men dance with her and worship her.

Ok, so we don't have Bette Davis playing Margo in the musical, but I can't think of a better replacement. Lauren Bacall is high stepping and high kicking in this clip of that scene from the 1973 filmed telecast of Applause!

The song, "But Alive", is in regular rotation on my iPod. Mom Smackley says that if you close your eyes when you listen to the song, you can hear Kathleen Turner. So lets start a campaign to have a revival of Applause! with Kathleen Turner.

Lee Roy Reams, who plays Duane in this scene, is featured in one of my issues of In Touch or After Dark, so I'll post more about him in the future.


  1. OMG a revival with Kathleen Turner must happen. It MUST!!!

  2. City Center Encores did a concert version of this last year with shudder Christine Ebersole as Margo. Which is almost as insane as the recent casting of double shudder Bernadette Peters and Elaine Stritch in "A Little Night Music."



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