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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Stood Up!

Johnny was not just any guy you know,
He was the baseball star,
The basketball whiz, the football hero.
Johnny could have any girl he wanted.
But he chose the wrong kind of girl,
A girl whose name was Sue.

She was popular, if you know what we mean.
You'd see her every night at the local Dairy Queen.
She'd accept a sundae from any boy she'd meet,
And though poor Johnny never knew,
The chocolate and the cherry,
Were finished in the back seat.

And as the school year came to a close,
And the senior prom drew near,
Richard asked her to the ball, the climax of the year.
Still, Sue was wearing Johnny's ring, and so she made a plan,
To fool poor Johnny, break his heart,
And make it with a real man!

Johnny picked up Sue that night,
And took her to the dance.
She wore Johnny's white corsage,
But he didn't have a chance.
She stole away before dinner, while wine he was to pick
And left him drinking, quite stood up,
To go make out with Dick!

Produced by Charles Adams
Photographed by Dino

The August 1975 issue of Foxylady shows that if you have a photo shoot done and don't know what to do with it, just get someone to write up a quick poem that kind of fits the photos. Yeah, this guy is a senior.

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