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Sunday, July 18, 2010

After Dark November 1972

This issue was one of the first in my collection. I had purchased one because it contained Susan Tyrrell for Mom Smackley and then I purchased another because of Carrie Nye, my favorite actress. This one I purchased because it had a piece on Paul Lynde. Now Paul Lynde is not necessarily on the top of my list of favorites, but I always enjoyed his performances. I think Mom Smackley and I were watching Bewitched or some Game Show moments or something. Needless to say, this issue was a bit of a disappointment to me, because of the great articles we found on Susan Tyrrell and Carrie Nye, this one lacked any article of any substance on anyone we really, really liked.

Don't get me wrong, I like Lois Nettleton, Paul Lynde and Simon Ward, but you would think that with Simon being on the cover, they would have a really good article on him. Nope. They had one clear picture and the article was about the new film (Young Winston) in which he portrays Winston Churchill.

The article on Lois Nettleton was okay, but the main picture of her looked like it had been cropped from some random candid shot or blown up from a film negative.

I was hoping for some really humorous photos of Paul Lynde, but it had one head shot and a photo of a scene from the stage musical Bye Bye Birdie with Dick Van Dyke and Maureen Stapleton.

This issue also had a cover mentioned feature on Jeff Fenholt. So I am asking myself, "Who is Jeff Fenholt?" It turns out he was playing the title character in Jesus Christ Superstar on Broadway. I could see that.

Interestingly enough, the one person I was really intrigued by, only had a small blurb about her cabaret show. Zizi Jeanmaire had appeared in Carmen in 1950, was on Broadway with The Girl in Pink Tights in 1953, and had an especially designed show called An Evening with Zizi in 1964. In 1972, she was the toast of Paris in Zizi je t'aime! Well, now that I'm intrigued by her look, that was all they wrote. Guess it's time to do some research.

Doug McClelland reviewed a new book called On Cukor. It seems the book on George Cukor dealt mainly with his film work and not the man and his background. I would still read a book on his films, because he put out some of my favorites like The Women starring Rosalind Russell and Joan Crawford.

Here is George Cukor in a behind the scenes moment with Shelley Winters and Ronald Colman on the set of A Double Life.

Rudolf Nureyev was choreographing The Sleeping Beauty for the National Ballet of Canada. They were about to start a cross-continental tour.

Some smaller performances were occuring around New York City. Richard Stack was singing at Downstairs at the Upstairs.

At the Continental Baths, Michael Greer was performing his cabaret act.

Look for Part 2 of this issue in a later post!

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