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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Belle of the Ball

The August 1974 issue of In Touch had an interesting fashion layout. They had a drag queen from Southern California named Belle pose with the guys in photos by Dave Sands that look like prom pictures.

Here is Che McCaskill in a three-piece suit with Belle. The suit included a vest, deep side vents and a suppressed waist jacket. The trim top trousers had a full leg.

Belle changes her look with Dwight Freeman. Did you ever think you'd see a tux with a leather drawstring in the front and leather appliques? I think I kind of like it. I'd wear it to the Country Music Awards (except for that butterfly bow tie).

Belle shares a drink with Che, but that poly/textured matched-plaid jacket has got to go.

Ready to strike up the drums, John Paul Jones talks to Dwight in their body-hugging giana shirts. Yes, that is a sheer back on Dwight's shirt.

Why Belle is only taking $5.00 from Che, I don't know, but that glen plaid suit is a little much for that floral tie. John, on the other hand looks very fashionable in his suit. I think this is my favorite from the layout.

Dwight's jacket and pants combo isn't bad, but I think I like what John's wearing more.

Turnabout is fair play, I guess. Dwight goes bare as John sports a jacket. Truthfully, John needs to lose the jacket. The shirt and pants would be fine.

Not wanting to be left out by going au naturel, Che looks at John's French cotton suit and roll-neck sweater. I think I could work with that suit. I know the lapels are huge, but I like it.

Dwight is wearing a Pierre Cardin all-wool jacket with a silk shirt and poly/rayon cling trousers. I guess it clings so much, we can tell Dwight dresses to the right.

Che's pants are also tight, but the whole outfit could be worn today. The caption on this photo says the jacket has brass studs and ruby rhinestones. Okay, maybe that might be a little much if worn today (at least to the office).

The guys join Belle in rediscovering '40s dressing gowns. Dwight is wearing a boucle wool with appliqued waistband. John is in a theatre robe of velvet and crewel blooms. Che went for the silk kimono. Why does Dwight look like he's doing the robot?

Belle's Rocky Whorer brings out her guys in shirts and socks. Best dressed of the three? John Paul Jones in the black with white polka-dot shirt.

Surpisingly, not a single kaftan in the bunch.

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  1. The dearth of caftans aside, all I can say is YES!!!



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