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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hey! Aren't you...?

Back in 1975, Esquire magazine placed an ad in the New York papers, asking for look-alikes. Seven hundred people responded, but only nineteen were chosen. The September 1975 issue of Esquire featured a two-page spread photo taken by photographer Jan Michael. Do you think they look like the person they say they do? There is one, I thought was supposed to be someone else. Do you even know who they were supposed to be? If not, what does that mean about the staying power of celebrities? In any case, here is the photo:

Click on the photo to see it larger!!!

Before looking at the list, try to figure out who you think they are.

1.Allen Ginsberg
2.Liv Ullmann
3.Humphrey Bogart
4.Dick Cavett
5.George C. Scott
6.Billie Jean King
7.Anthony Quinn
8.Freddie Prinze
10.Liza Minnelli
11.Angela Lansbury
12.Telly Savalas
13.Edward G. Robinson
14.Rodney Allen Rippy
15.Woody Allen
16.Lauren Bacall
17.Charles Bronson
18.Phyllis Diller
19.Tammy Grimes

Solution photo for your convenience. (Match the number to the celebrity)

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