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Thursday, September 2, 2010

After Dark May 1978 (Part 3)

Yes, this is the never-ending issue. I told you before that this issue was packed full of great photos and articles. On average, a good issue of After Dark will run two posts. If it's not a particularly fascinating issue, it may only run one. If it is a great issue, it could take as many as three posts. Well, this is a great issue and to top it off...it's like a double-sized issue. So we're talking four to six posts to complete this issue. I hope to have it covered by Labor Day. I'll try my best anyway.
Now for some reason, Bill Feret wrote an essay on his love of jungle girl movies. Granted, I always liked Jane, Sheena and the animated Jana of the Jungle, but this article just seemed out of place in this issue. I guess it doesn't really matter, so I'll just post a couple of the ones that were pictured that I want to comment on.
Of course, the queen of the jungle movies for me was Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane to Johnny Weissmuller's Tarzan. I used to love the "Tarzan yell" (yodel) they gave to her.

Dana Gillespie in The People That Time Forgot. I posted this one because Dana will feature on a cover of After Dark I'll post in the future. She's on the cover with a really cute guy and he's nak...oh wait, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I never knew Claudette Colbert ever played a jungle girl, but here she is in Four Frightened People.

The only reason I'm posting the next photo is because I could never pass up an opportunity to post a picture of Buster Crabbe. That's him with the beautiful Julie London and a silly looking ape. The film was Nabonga.

Back to the present (or for this issue May 1978), Joseph Bottoms (a former Monday's Man) was starring in The Holocaust on TV while about to start work on The Cloud Dancers,

Roger Minami was dancing with Liza Minnelli in The Act at the Majestic Theatre,

and Sissy Spacek got noticed for her roles in Carrie and 3 Women and was about to star in an unnamed opus with Art Garfunkel. What was it going to be? I can't find any mention of the two of them starring together in anything.

A definite future Monday's Man is Andrew Stevens. He was about to begin work on The Bastard TV movie.

The lovely Monique Van Vooren was fresh off a West Coast engagement at Studio One and was going to be in concert that month at Town Hall.

Tim Cassidy made a name for himself in Broadway's A Chorus Line. He took that fame and created a nightclub act with music and impressions.

Fabrice Emaer opened a new discotheque in Paris called The Palace. Who performed on opening night? Grace Jones and her pubic hair.

I saw the film The Consequence, in which Jurgen Prochnow is a convict who begins a homosexual affair with the son of the prison warden. I was impressed with the film's handling of the subject matter. Of course, I would have preferred a happier ending, but with a title like that, you have to expect it to end a little tragic. Ernst Hannawald played the young man.

Before closing out this post, I want to leave you with a photo by Victor Arimondi. It's called the "After Dark Look".

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