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Monday, September 13, 2010

Angelic Men for Monday

Monday's Man: Guest stars on Charlie's Angels

Some good looking guys have crossed paths with the Angels through the five seasons. Some of the older leading men from bygone days like Cesar Romero, Hugh O'Brian, and Dean Martin have guest starred, but the following are my top ten best looking male guest stars. I should say twelve, because for #10 I'm going to count all three of "Toni's Boys". If you aren't familiar with this episode of Charlie's Angels, Aaron Spelling tried to do a backdoor pilot for a series featuring Barbara Stanwyck. She played Antonia Blake who ran a detective agency with three male associates. It was to be a male version of Charlie's Angels and was featured toward the end of season four.
So here are Toni's Boys for #10:

From the second season episode "Diamond in the Rough" is #9:

From the fourth season episode "Angels Go Trucking'" is #8:

Many people have made more than one appearance on Charlie's Angels. This next actor appeared in two episodes. The first was as a good guy in the season two episode "Angels on the Run". The second appearance was as a bad guy in the season three episode "Angel on High". Here is #7:

Here is another actor to make two appearances on the show. He first appeared as a client in season four's "Dancin' Angels" and then later as a bartender in the season five episode "Angel on the Line". Taking the spot at #6:

When Farrah Fawcett returned for her first appearance in the third season episode "Angel Come Home", she brought along her fiancé, but of course it had to end tragically. Future 7th Heaven star sits at #5:

Best known for playing good-guy Starbuck on the original Battlestar Galactica, he played two villains on Charlie's Angels in the first season episode "The Blue Angels" and the second season episode "The Jade Trap". Here is #4:

This next actor almost took the top spot, but if I was doing the top ten men of Dallas, he would have. I will definitely be doing a future Monday's Man post devoted specifically to him. He is the only one on the list that appeared in season five. In fact, it was the first episode of that season which introduced Tanya Roberts as the new angel. It was called "Angel in Hiding" and here is #3:

Because I featured him in his own Monday's Man post, you'd think I would put him at #1. He was married to Angel Jaclyn Smith and guest starred in three episodes. He played an evil dance instructor in season one's "Dancing in the Dark". He played an evil astronaut in the second season episode "Unidentified Flying Angels". For his third season role, he played a Presidential aide who happened to be a good guy this time in the two part "Terror on Skis". Here is #2:

He guest starred in two episodes of Charlie's Angels. In the third season episode "Angels in the Stretch" he played a jockey with an Irish brogue. He next appeared in the fourth season episode as the manipulative and murderous fiancé of Kim Cattrall in "Angels at the Altar". This will not be the last you see of him on this blog. The top spot of Best Looking Men on Charlie's Angels, here is #1:

Now I know there are people out there who would disagree either with some of my choices, or the order in which I put them, but I refused to put Dick Sargent, Cameron Mitchell or L.Q. Jones on my list.

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