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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel Anniversary

What's On? Wednesday: Charlie's Angels

Thirty four years ago on a Wednesday night just like this at 10:00pm, the very first episode of a new series began with an episode called "Hellride". Months earlier, my parents and I watched a pilot movie called Charlie's Angels and I fell in love with the show. So one night a week for the first year of the series my parents allowed their eight-year-old son to stay up past his bedtime. They were so glad when the show changed it's timeslot for season two. They didn't want to tell my teacher the real reason I kept falling asleep in class.

September 22, 1976 was the date in which a television landmark hit the small screen and the six women who played the title characters became household names and will forever be linked to the show. They each went on to other successes, but to be remembered as an Angel is definitely not a bad thing.

Happy Anniversary Angels!

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