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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What're you looking at?

I know, I know...

...I know, I said I'd post my What's On? Wednesday post today, but I've decided to procrastinate one more day. Those days when I'm really busy at work, I just want to come home and veg. I'm planning a post for The Gay Deceivers and I want to make sure I express how I felt about the film. Getting the right tone is important to me, but when I'm tired, I just can't seem to concentrate enough. So in addition to Funny Face Friday, I will post the What's On? post on The Gay Deceivers.

See, the best procrastinators will have excuses and then try to make it seem that by waiting you will be getting something extra special. The fact is the only extra things you've gotten are two shots from the films Murderer's Row and The Driver's Seat. Hey, who can pass up La Liz?

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