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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fun with the Angels

YouTube Tuesday presents: Tribute to the Angels

I am a member of a Charlie's Angels fan forum called Townsend Agency and in a previous post I featured a video created by a fellow forum friend. Well that's not the only one she's done.

Presenting The Alley Cats

What would have happened to the Angels and Bosley if Sabrina died?

An interesting way to look at the shootings (that's right...twice) of Kelly:

A tribute to Albert. Who's Albert? Where have you been? Jaclyn Smith's lovable pooch appeared in a few episodes of Charlie's Angels and here is a tribute:

If you get a chance, check out kellygarrett312's Channel for more videos featuring the Angels, Wonder Woman and Emma Peel.

The Townsend Agency Forum has created a new fan website that is also featuring fun videos like this one which gives a little insight into the relationship between Sabrina and Julia Smyth with a "Y":

Check out the site if you get a chance. It has to be THE best fansite for Charlie's Angels.
The fact that I've written an article for the site based on one of my posts here has no bearing on the previous statement. Keep checking for future articles on Angel knockoffs and spinoffs by yours truly and my friend Skewer System. Plus they have some really fun episode reviews that make even the worst episodes ("Chorus Line Angels") bearable.

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