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Monday, September 6, 2010

The Untypical Athlete

Monday's Man: Clyde Dayton Wallace

According to the "Discovery" article by John Roberts in the Dec/Jan 1975 issue of In Touch magazine, 23-year-old Clyde is not your typical jock. He was the most-lettered athlete in high school and lettered in college in football, basketball, and track. He even played semi-pro football. He's working toward getting his bachelor's degree in Physical Education.

Well, I don't know if he got his degree, but after being discovered by In Touch, he kept on modeling. It seems he appeared under a few names...like Clyde Wallace, John Converse, and Dak.

He would go on to appear in magazines like Honcho, Mandate, Playguy, and Just Men. The article said that he was an untypical jock because he didn't date dumb, insensitive sorority girls. Well, appearing in magazines that are known to cater to gay males with gay models, I don't think he probably dated many smart, sensitive sorority girls either.

Well, In Touch claims the discovery of Clyde, but I wonder if this was the first time he appeared in the flesh?

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