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Saturday, September 4, 2010

After Dark May 1978 (The Final Part, finally)

Yes, this is the final post for this issue. I never thought I'd get here. I'm sure that each post began to look like the previous with the same photo of Bette Midler over and over and over and over and etc... it was getting a little annoying. This part won't be that long, but it does have some 70's beefcake for those who want it. But first, I have to share this one photo. This photo conjures up so many laughs in my head. After the premiere of Sextette at Hollywood's Cinerama Dome, Mae West, accompanied by Paul Novak, went back to the Beverly Hilton for supper and everybody converged on the table to talk to Miss West. The conversation between Madame and Mae West is the one I would have wanted to hear. Wayland Flowers and Madame must have had a ball talking to the legendary Miss West, but the look on Mae West's face, makes me wonder what was going on in her head.

In previous posts on this issue of After Dark, I had photos from new stage productions of Timbuktu and On the Twentieth Century, but since this was an anniversary issue, they had a couple of photos of previous stage hits. One was The Boys in the Band, but the other featured one of the best looking guys I've ever seen. Hiram Keller had starred in Hair with Paul Jabara and Suzanne Nostrand, here behind Robert Indiana's "LOVE" poster. If you don't know (shame on you), Hiram is the one on the right.

In the "Highlights" section of the issue, they usually feature jewelry, electronics, and fashions that you need to be on the lookout for and buy. Catalina had a royal blue and white open mesh tank-style shirt of flame terry knit worn with flame terry boxer-style shorts. At $11 each, that wasn't bad. But who was the model? Luckily, I knew. It wouldn't be until the following year after this issue that he would start making a name for himself on TV. He played the southern "Sweat Hog" on the last season of Welcome Back, Kotter, but it was his role in a backdoor pilot on Charlie's Angels, that I remember him most. His name was Stephen Shortridge and though he hasn't acted in film and television for a while, there wasn't too much you couldn't catch him on throughout the 80's.

Another guy that I will always remember starred in the beautifully filmed Querelle and the harrowing Midnight Express. His name was Brad Davis and his smoldering looks and understated acting will be missed.

Former After Dark cover boy Perry King was going to be playing an unusual part in A Different Story.

There is something about a guy in denim cutoffs that I love and Robby Benson is no exception. He would be starring in Ice Castles following his role in Burt Reynolds' The End.

Fashion designer and soccer coach John Stavros became known for his athletic wear. His fashions were seen in another issue I featured in a previous post. In this issue he modeled his own designs. This Greek-born designer looks as hot in his clothes and out of them.

That's it! It's finished. The Tenth Anniversary issue of After Dark had a lot to feature with some great photos to share. If you get the chance to check out eBay for past issues, I would definitely make sure this one is on your list. The articles like Bette's interview were fun to read and many more ads that bring nostalgic memories of a bygone era.

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