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Sunday, June 20, 2010

After Dark January 1978 (part 3)

As shown on the cover of this issue, Key West was going to be featured prominently. And boy was it. Let's dive right in like model John Corley.

Some Key West fixtures were featured like Hemingway House on historic Whitehead Street.

An average of forty cats live on the estate and they are descendants of Hemingway's fifty cats.

Key West's shrimp industry was booming. This shrimp boat sure has an interesting name. (Side note: Is Kenny G still recording? Not that I'd buy an album, but I just haven't heard about him in a while.)

Key West attracts a lot of people, like artist Jim Racchi.

Local model Jack Johnson modeled some clothes from the local boutique run by Raya Alpert.

Local models weren't the only ones being photographed on that trip to Key West. Patrick Branch, Tim Mauche and Randy Jones were there to model some of the latest summer swimwear and fashions. Remember these?

I had already posted all of the photos featuring Randy Jones in a Monday's Man post, including my favorite picture of Randy Jones. So now let's look at some photos of the other two who were with him--Tim Mauche and Patrick Branch.

Tim Mauche didn't get spotlighted as much as Patrick and Randy. He only had one solo shot.

Patrick, like Randy, got quite a few shots in the layout not including the cover.

Well, we dove into this issue with John Corley...

...so I guess we better finish up and come out of the water with him, too.

If you are starting with this post, don't forget to look at Parts 1 and 2.

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