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Sunday, June 20, 2010

After Dark January 1978 (part 2)

On to part two. I know, I know, one more part until the photos of guys in speedos. It's worth waiting for. In the meantime, I do want to mention that there are some photos that will have to wait until my Monday's Man post. You see, Matt Collins is featured in this issue. He was making his screen debut in Gene Wilder's The World's Greatest Lover. I wish this former model was in the Key West photo shoot. Anyway, here is a shot of Matt as Rudolph Valentino.

Bette Midler had an ad for her new album Broken Blossom. I remember this album because of the Cinderella song "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes".

Soap star Katherine Helmond, pictured here with her husband David Christian, spoke about the show's success. "Soap is simply a takeoff on the unrealistic American attitudes about sex. The only thing that shocked me about it was the terrific brouhaha it caused." Well, as we know, regardless of the groups who protested the show, Soap went on for a total of four seasons (all of which I have on DVD). Katherine's character Jessica Tate almost made my list of favorite TV characters. She's definitely in the top ten.

She and her husband were vegetarians who practiced yoga and T'ai Chi Ch'uan. It definitely shows how healthy they were.

In the People section, Marisa Berenson was mentioned as playing Vivien Leigh in a film based on her life. It was in preparation for the Allan Carr/James Randall production team, but I have never heard of this film ever being made.

Well the Harkness Ballet may have been disbanded, but dancer Zane Wilson became the principal dancer with the Ballet Internacional de Caracas in Venezuela.

Robert Raimondo was a soloist with the Houston Ballet and was performing in James Clouser's Carmina Burana.

Sylvia Kristel, in this scene from Goodbye Emmanuelle, said this would be her last Emmanuelle film. Well, we know how that turned out. I think it was eight more films she did as that character after this one.

Well, Peter Firth got a spotlight this issue with his film Joseph Andrews. The film is a bawdy romp directed by Tony Richardson with Ann-Margret as the aptly named Lady Booby.

Another film featured in this issue was the cop comedy mixed with drama film The Choirboys. What a cast of characters (as always, you can click the photos to see them larger):

Barbara Rhoades appears in the film, here with Chuck Sacci getting a peek which leads to her tearing up the place and having to be restrained by the choirboys.

Wow, doesn't Perry King look good in cut-offs? Yeah, you guessed it, Perry King will appear in a future Monday's Man post. Until then:

Also, don't forget to look at his photos from the After Dark January 1977 issue.

Well, that brings us to the end of Part 2. The next post will be dedicated to the features on Key West. One more photo until then--Cover boy Patrick Branch!

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