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Thursday, June 24, 2010

California Casual

This fashion piece in the June 1974 issue of In Touch showed the hottest trends in Southern California, or so said the article by Bill Arseneaux. The models were photographed around Santa Monica Blvd. in West Hollywood.

The models (left to right--Rick, Tony and Chris) are modeling jackets created by Larry Rosen of Creole Boutique. According to the caption, the jackets do have trousers to match, but I guess those are optional.

Rick worked in import distribution when not modeling while Chris worked for a major computer firm during the week and waiting tables on the weekends. Tony was a hairdresser by day and bartender by night.

It seems kaftans were still popular: Chris is wearing one made of twelve antique Indian mirror-cloths designed by Rudi Guernreich.

Chris is in another Rudi Guernreich kaftan with Tony in a kaftan and Rick is in a crepe square tied with a "lava-lava" knot.

Casual outfits in denim, Nik-Nik shirts and walkers were popular with the Southern California set. You've got to hand it to In Touch for having a fashion layout where some of the models are just standing around modeling their birthday suits.

My two favorite outfits were both worn by Tony. The first is a patchwork denim set with a Lurex t-shirt. Love it and would wear it today. Chris is in a musketeer shirt while Rick is in a "Chelsea Boy" suit of brown plaid wool. I think this suit is my least favorite. Of course, it's funny to see the outfit Tony's wearing in the same photo of Rick in that suit. I might would have liked Rick's suit if he was in a photo by himself, but it sticks out like a sore thumb here.

My other favorite is by designer Michel. It's called "Bowie-After Dark". It's more patchwork denim, but this time in overalls with unbuttoned fly-front flares. I have never thought overalls as being sexy. I mean, when I think of overalls, I usually picture Hee Haw's Junior Samples, but these have got to be the hottest overalls I've ever seen.

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  1. OMG. Thanks for the memories....now I'm gonna have patchwork nightmares and wake up screaming for the next week!



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