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Sunday, June 20, 2010

After Dark January 1978

Part One: This issue is going to have to broken down into three parts. It's one of the better issue with so many photos to feature and things to talk about.

The cover, featuring Patrick Branch, is a lead-in to the Key West features in this issue, but I've decided to wait until part three to post those photos.

A short piece on the silver-screen couture by Allen Florio led into a photographic essay on the ladies we've all come to adore.

Louise Brooks in a black silk dress designed by Howard Greer.

Greta Garbo in the 1932 film Mata Hari was wearing Adrian.

Adrian also designed this costume for Hedy Lamarr in Ziegfeld Girl.

In Gilda, Rita Hayworth was wearing costumes like this one designed by Jean Louis.

Travis Banton created the "Paramount look" of the 30's and his greatest inspiration was Marlene Dietrich.

One of the most famous names in costume design in the movies was Edith Head, who designed this number for Ginger Rogers.

Cobra Lady star Maria Montez in a Vera West design.

When Judy Garland transitioned from ingenue to glamour gal, Howard Shoup designed her dress.

Scarlett O'Hara wouldn't be the same without the costumes of Walter Plunkett who designed the barbarcue dress for Vivien Leigh.

Helen Rose designed this white chiffon trimmed in black lace for Lana Turner.

Barbara Stanwyck looking every bit the part of the Lady of Burlesque was wearing another Edith Head design.

Known as one of the best dressed women, Lucille Ball in Lover Come Back was wearing a wool suit by Travis Banton.

Finally, The Little Foxes featured Bette Davis wearing Orry-Kelly's costumes.

With the release of their album Beauty on a Back Street, Hall and Oates took some time out to speak to Chris Huizenga about their history and their future. Daryl Hall and John Oates were shifting gears from being the Average White Band that Atlantic Records wanted them to be--to the rockers they wanted to be.

Punk rocker Patti Smith in a photo from 1972 featuring her former boyfriend Sam Shepard was recording another album for Arista Records.

Lotte Lenya, known for her film roles in From Russia With Love and The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone not to mention making her mark as the original Jenny in Threepenny Opera, made a cameo in Burt Reynold's film Semi-Tough.

That's it for part one. Part two will feature a couple of films and a couple of dancers.

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