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Friday, June 25, 2010

Elizabeth, Aren't You Ashamed?

Funny Face Friday presents: Betty White (again!)

I couldn't pass up another chance to feature Betty White in my Funny Face posts. We've seen her do a funny face as Rose Nylund from the Golden Girls and Sue Ann Nivens from Mary Tyler Moore. Well, here she is in her first comedy series Life With Elizabeth. If you've never seen an episode, it usually consists of three vignettes (or incidents as the narrator calls them) that involve Elizabeth and her husband Alvin (Del Moore) in little stories of their lives as newlyweds. Is it funny? Sometimes. Usually, it's just corny. At the end, the narrator usually asks, "Aren't you ashamed, Elizabeth?" I'm not. The faces and gestures she makes are definite precursors to Rose and Sue Ann. If you get the chance, watch an episode or two.

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