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Monday, August 23, 2010

Angel Beau Updated

Monday's Man UPDATE: Dennis Cole

One of my previous Monday's Man posts concerned regular Charlie's Angels guest star and former husband to Jaclyn Smith, Dennis Cole.

Lo and behold, my friend Dan came through again, because he had an issue of Ultra magazine that had a centerspread on Dennis Cole. Specifically, it was the February 1977 issue of Ultra.

In the article that came with the photos, Dennis talked about his marriage, career and the single scene. He also talked about previous jobs, which included being a bouncer at a strip club. Eventhough, this issue came out the same month that his first guest starring role in Charlie's Angels appeared, no mention was made of meeting Jaclyn who would end up being his future wife.

Well, if you liked the previous post on Dennis, I hope you enjoy the additions that Dan was gracious enough to send me.

P.S. Don't forget to check out Dan's Flickr pages! There's plenty to see there.


  1. a couple years ago, my mother was in a pizza joint in florida waiting to pick up her food and noticed a guy that looked familiar to her. she tried to look away, but knew she knew his face from someplace. it was dennis. she said he was quite friendly & forthcoming, explaining how he was in real estate.

  2. Love it. I think it's so great when you see actors out and they live up to your expectations of being nice. It would just kill me if an actor I liked ended up being mean or nasty.



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