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Sunday, August 22, 2010

After Dark July 1979 (Part 2)

For part two of my post on the July 1979 issue of After Dark, I'm going to focus on the feature represented in the cover photo of Kirby Fosdick. Provincetown.

Welcome to Provincetown, where each of these gentlemen own or are employed at a number of guest houses and restaurants in the area.

Now there was feature article on the history of Provincetown by Jason Thomas with photos of landmarks and historic sites, but it was the fashion photos by Kenn Duncan, of course, that I'm going to spotlight. Let's run on down to the beach and see what's in store.

Cover boy Kriby in a plastic sweatsuit by John Stavors. I wonder how sticky that could become..?

John Stavros also designed this deep V-neck pullover that Brian Grant is wearing.

John Stavros got a feature in another issue of After Dark with some really great photos of this hot designer, but that'll come later. In the meantime, let's settle for this bikini bathing suit worn by model Ric Warner.

Ric is completely protected from the sun in this hooded sweatsuit by David Leong.

Pierre Cardin designed this suit that Kirby is wearing.

He also designed this collarless pullover that Brian is wearing.

Ric keeps his eye out for approaching ships or sailors in this boxer bathing suit from Haberdashery of Denver.

Marilyn Manos joins the boys in her terry outfit by Le Gaspi while Brian wears their bathing shorts. Ric is more military in his fatigue pants by French Jeans.

Ric does some resort cocktailing in style by Pierre Cardin.

Kirby Fosdick goes military in this gray outfit by Pierre Cardin.

Can you mix designers? Brian Grant does in this Pierre Cardin shirt with fatigue slacks by French Jeans.

The all-white tux by Pierre Cardin gets a couple of different looks when worn by Kirby Fosdick...

...or by Brian Grant who gets a glass of wine from Marilyn Manos in a low-cut afternoon dress by Clovis Ruffin.

Ric mixes designers when he combines a stretch t-shirt by John Stavros with loose beach slacks by David Leon.

Kirby doesn't have to worry about room in his Punjab pants from Unique Clothing.

Finally, Kirby relaxes with a Tab in a modified stretch boxer swimsuit.

Do you want to visit Provincetown now? Well if you did back then, After Dark had an ad that directed you to the Provincetown Business Guild.

Wanting more fashion? How about retrowear? Gene London and Associates have a collection of antique, museum-quality clothing that includes gowns worn by Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Jean Harlow. With this collection, Gene London creates stylish fashions that add a nostalgic dash to contemporary wardrobes. After Dark photographer Kevin Higgins took these photos while Gene London designed looks for dramatic tableaus. This first example contains lace dresses made from the wardrobe of Eleanor Roosevelt.

The lady reclining on the chair in this next photo wears a 1930's red crepe, crystal-beaded dress designed for Harlow.

This model is dressed in a 1950s Joan Crawford creation of white tulle with black butterfly sequins.

More vintage gowns in this gothic scene.

Next is black velvet with rhinestones and sheer net stocking gloves.

Finally, this young man is trying to get a look through the louvre blinds look that this 1930's striped silk on gauze has.

Just a couple of more items to point out. Jean LeClerc took over the role of Dracula from Raul Julia and Frank Langella.

Glenda Jackson and Carol Burnett were in an upcoming film, Health, recently shot in Florida by Robert Altman.

And finally, I finished off part one of this issue with a photo of ballet dancer Yann Le Gac from Maurice Bejart's Ballet of the Twentieth Century, so I guess I'll finish off part two with another photo of Yann.

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