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Sunday, August 29, 2010

After Dark May 1978

Here's Bette Midler appearing on her third cover of After Dark! This issue also happens to be the Tenth Anniversary Issue! There is so much going on in this issue, I am going to have to break it up into multiple posts. There are the regular features, plus a look back at some of their favorite moments, films and people. In William Como's "Speaking Out" column, he talks about the demise of Ballroom Dance Magazine and how it was reinvented as After Dark. I really need to post that first issue of After Dark. Maybe next weekend.

Bette Midler interviews The Divine Miss M. That's right! It was a cute little piece that shows the natural humor of Miss Midler.

There was a bit on the Ruby Awards, which I mentioned in an earlier post. It had a photo of the previous seven winners that included Bette Midler,

her former accompianist and friend and star in his own right, Barry Manilow,

Peter Allen,


Lucille Ball,

Mae West,

and Ruby Keeler (here with Dorothy Collins) for whom the award was renamed.

That's right, the Ruby Award was originally called the Starry Night Award, but more on the award and the parties that were given in other posts.
Back to the issue. Since it was the 10th anniversary, William Como and the staff got together for a group shot to show you the faces behind the monthly madness of After Dark.

In continuing their retrospective, they talked about some of the movies that made an impact with the newcomers of yesteryear now being the stars of today. Nudity in mainstream films like The Strawberry Statement which featured Bruce Davison,

Midnight Cowboy with Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman,

Jane Fonda as Barbarella,

David Bowie who appeared in The Man Who Fell to Earth and was going to be starring in Just a Gigolo,

Myra Breckinridge star Raquel Welch who would soon be appearing in The Sin and The Animal.

Who else is going to be featured in this issue? I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see. Check back this week for more from this double-size issue.
Until then, will somebody order me a Gay Bob doll? I really, really want one.


  1. In the "After Dark" staff photo Louis Miele, who succeeded William Como as Editor, is in the second row, farthest right, with his arms crossed and with the turtle neck and mustache. He was then the Marketing guy.

  2. You are correct! Here is the full list of people in that photo:
    (front row, kneeling) Herbert Migdoll, Kenn Duncan, Judy Thomas, Chris Huizenga, Glenn Loney.
    (second row, sitting) Jack Mitchell, Norma McLain Stoop, Editor William Como, Publisher Jean Gordon, Martin Mitchell.
    (third row, standing) James Alan Nash, Brent Mewborn, Larry Bone, Fran Strauss, David Granoff, Jeffrey Cason, Hank Daingerfield, Louis Miele.
    (fourth row, back) Rob Baker, Bill Coleman, Donna Marinosci, Steven Henriques, Richard Philp, Vincent Seglior, Patrick Pacheco, Carl Koivuniemi.



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