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Monday, August 30, 2010

After Dark May 1978 (Part 2)

Continuing on with this 10th Anniversary issue that featured Bette Midler in her third cover appearance, we can't forget her back-up group, The Harlettes. Make that formerly known as the Harlettes. The members changed throughout the years. I know of two famous women who were once Harlettes. The first was an original member named Melissa Manchester. That's right, Grammy winner Manchester started with Bette and Barry Manilow singing in the baths. Another famous former Harlette starred in a long running sitcom (11 seasons) as Peg Bundy. You guessed it, Katey Sagal was also a Harlette, but just missed being in this article. She didn't become a Harlette until later in the year. Sharon Redd, Ula Hedwig and Charlotte Crossley went out on their own to seek fame and fortune.

I love this graphic of Redd, Hedwig and Crossley.

Groups and singers got a special section in this issue including Keith Carradine who is more known to me as an actor, but did win an Academy Award for "I'm Easy" for Nashville.

Other singers got mentioned like Claudia Barry,

Starz (which included Rex Smith's little brother, Michael Lee Smith on the right),

Peter Brown (not the actor I featured in my Monday's Man posts),

Shaun Cassidy, one of TV's The Hardy Boys (yes, I do own a couple of his albums),

and Ava Cherry who had a new single called "Pretty Boy" ( I wonder if it was about Shaun Cassidy?).

While those singers were given little highlight spots, the Bee Gees' little brother, Andy Gibb, got a whole article about he was going to be as successful as his siblings.

Speaking of singers...actress Eartha Kitt who is also known for her feline singing voice was appearing on Broadway in the musical Timbuktu.

She appeared with Miguel Godreau,

Ira Hawkins,

and Mr. Universe, Tony Carroll.

While the plot of Timbuktu got some rather unfortunate reviews, Eartha Kitt remained unscathed.

Another new musical was On the Twentieth Century featuring Kevin Kline.

His co-stars were John Cullum, Imogene Coca and as you can see, the wonderful Madeline Kahn.

A trip to Club Ibis in New York would find a lounge show with five women and one talented young man by the name of Rodney Pridgen.

In the cabaret type show he plays a boxer,

and an exotic King Tut.

The 24-year-old loved to dance and would be dancing in the street if he didn't get to perform somewhere.

Speaking of dancers, how's this for a segue...Mikhail Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp in Once More, Frank.

One final photo that I had to share before ending Part 2 of this issue. Street performer Stephen Varble who designs extravagant costumes out of garbage for his mime performances.

As Thombeau would say, "It's a look".


  1. I saw Bette in '75 or '76, and after the intermission the Harlettes did a number by themselves, Roll Me Through the Rushes. It was just beautiful, and the audience loved it. Of course that fabulous album cover was by the great Richard Amsel.



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