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Friday, August 20, 2010

Don't Overdo It

Funny Face Friday presents: Delta Burke from her book Delta Style

Delta's caption for the photo: "I took this shot of myself in goofy makeup late at night in London. It still makes me laugh."

In Chapter 4--"Let's Face It: Skin Care & Makeup"--she writes, "One thing we real-size ladies should never do is exaggerate or overdo our makeup. I know this firsthand: I've done a lot of experimenting on myself over the years. When I lived in London and couldn't sleep, I would practice making up my face all night. The later it go, the goofier I looked. I usually ended up falling asleep in full clown face."

Delta Style is an entertaining read from the woman who embodied one of my favorite female characters--Suzanne Sugarbaker.

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