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Monday, August 2, 2010

Back with Peter

I’m back from vacation and though the time away was rejuvenating, I am ready to go back to blogging. Today’s Monday’s Man is Peter Brown.

During my break, I revisited an old classic, Kitten with a Whip. You can never go wrong with an Ann-Margret movie, no matter how bad the review of this film is.

The young men in the film were Peter Brown and James (Skip) Ward. Mom Smackley thought the blond Ward was hot, but I was attracted to attracted to Peter Brown.

There was a slight husky, raspy, whispery tinge to his voice. It’s not pronounced, but it was there.

Granted, no one has the voice of John Forsythe.

While looking up both Peter Brown and James Ward, I found out they worked together again. Peter played a wanted criminal in an episode of The Dukes of Hazzard that James (going by Skip) Ward was the Associate Producer on.

It was while re-watching this episode, that I realized I recognize him from other shows. Specifically, he guest starred on two of my favorite shows.
Wonder Woman with Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner:

and Charlie’s Angels with Cheryl Ladd:

Well, the search was on and I looked to see what other shows I had that he appeared on. One was a small role in an episode of Dallas where he got to give an unwanted kiss to Sue Ellen (one of the best characters from the show) played by Linda Gray.

The other show that he made an appearance on was 1st and Ten and yes, before you say anything, I do own the entire series on DVD.

Why? It has it’s moments of being good, especially the first season with Delta Burke.

Peter was a regular on two TV westerns, Laredo and Lawman. In the 70's and 80's you could also find him on many of the soap operas and he has appeared in numerous films (including Foxy Brown)

Most of my Monday’s Man posts have either a gay vibe, a shirtless shot, or even a nude shot, but for Peter Brown, I didn’t have any. While researching Peter though, I found a fansite that mentioned the November 1974 issue of Oui magazine. The webmaster of the site posted some cropped photos that would have shown Peter’s…(hey, I have to say it)...peter.

Of course, I immediately went to eBay to see if any back issues were available, but didn’t find it. If you find the issue available for sale, let me know.

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  1. Hi Hilly, I've got this issue of Oui, & just scanned it for you; let me know the email (the address I have for you is a number of years old by now!) dan ( dannhann@yahoo.com )



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