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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Nipple Bra

After posting some ads in a previous After Dark post, I had to find my favorite ad. Here it is from the July 1979 issue:

Watching Charlie's Angels from the late 70's, it is obvious that going braless was very popular in fashion. What was a woman to do, if she had saggy breasts? Well, this ad and product answered their prayers I guess. The Nipple Bra gave them the support they needed while still being able give them that braless look. I think my favorite line in the ad though is: "Imagine having that sensual cold weather look all the time."

I wonder if many were sold? I guess it would be easy enough to research more about the product since it does have the patent number in the ad. I wonder who holds the patent? Is this a look that will return someday?

When I was archiving After Dark photos on my (now defunct) Flickr site, I posted this ad in 2007. On the first day, the views reached over 11,000. By the second day, the views had reached 30,000. In three days, this photo alone got over 52,000 views. It didn't hurt that one of my Flickr contacts linked it on the "digg" site, where it was constantly being clicked on. It also didn't hurt that if you had the reason to type "nipple" into the search engines, this photo came up on the first set of images. Some of the comments on Flickr were hilarious and I wish there was a way I could have saved them, but I will ask this one question? Did you, or someone you know, own The Nipple Bra?

Monday's Man will return next week!

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