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Sunday, August 22, 2010

After Dark July 1979

This was a great issue of After Dark for me, because it featured 3 of my favorite people and one of Mom Smackley's friends.

I have always thouht Michelle Phillips was gorgeous. From her days singing with the Mamas & the Papas all the way to starring in Knots Landing.

I saw the awful Valentino and love the cheesy American Anthem. This issue focused on her career up to starring in Sidney Sheldon's Bloodline with James Mason.

It's funny to look back and think that she was stepmother to Mackenzie Phillips of One Day at a Time.

The range of projects that Christopher Plummer has appeared in is astonishing. Anyone remember that shortlived action series Counterstrike?

I love this shot of him as Sherlock Holmes studying a similarly dressed Snoopy from Murder by Decree.

In addtion to films, he appeared in the off-Broadway play Drinks Before Dinner.

But he also appeared on Broadway as Atahualipa, the Inca sun god in The Royal Hunt of the Sun.

The third person is Lois Lane herself: Margot Kidder.

Though she became an international star with the role of Superman's girlfriend in Superman with Christopher Reeve, she was promoting her new film.

The new film was The Amityville Horror with James Brolin, Helen Shavers and Michael Sacks.

She credits Superman with giving her the exposure to appear in The Amityville Horror and Paul Mazursky's Willy & Phil.

Greg Gorman took these wonderful portraits:

Dennis Christopher whose films Breaking Away and A Wedding were being released.

Susan Tyrrell, who Mom Smackley keeps in regular contact with (and who we named our cat Susu after), at the time was appearing on stage in Father's Day with Tammy Grimes and Mary Beth Hurt. I think this is the best photo of Susu ever!!! Maybe Mom Smackley will post some great stories of her on his blog, when he gets around to really starting it...*hint*.

Starting Over was going to be released that fall with Burt Reynolds and Candice Bergen starring. (is that a dangling participle?)

A couple of eye candy shots before finishing up Part 1 of this issue:

Former Yukon Territory fireman turned model, Ken Walker posing in a speedo.

While there was a whole article on Maruice Bejart and his Ballet of the Twentieth Century, this was the only dancer to catch my eye. Was it the outfit? I don't know, but Yann Le Gac looks hot!

So check back later for Part 2 when I will post some photos related to the cover of this issue: Provincetown.


  1. Michelle Phillips was so great in Knots! and Tyrrell is the best. It's good to see all these issues again, by the way (I had/have an almost-complete set, found over some time)

  2. Wow that guy named ken walker is hot,Hey do you have more pictures of him ? Please...???

  3. hilly blue Hey do you have more pictures of him ? Please...??? you know his whereabouts?

    ken walker is hot,



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