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Sunday, August 8, 2010


I had to post my sorrow at hearing of the passing of Lorene Yarnell. I used to watch the specials that she and her former husband Robert Shields used to do and then i would spend the following weeks acting like a robot. Lorene will forever be linked in my mind as the only super powered supervillainess that Wonder Woman fought on the live action TV show. Lorene played Formicida who had the proportionate strength of an insect and could call insects to do her bidding.

Lorene Yarnell (1944-2010)


  1. Shields & Yarnell. I watched their show when I was little.
    Oh, wow! :(

  2. I remember her too from the specials and WW episode (one of my favs). Sad, too soon.

  3. Me and my sister used to call the face she made when using her powers her "constipated ant call"



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