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Saturday, April 3, 2010

After Dark February 1976

Okay, so here I am a couple of years ago and I'd started collecting issues of After Dark when this issue became available. Whoa!

Sunwear in Jamaica!!! Two hot guys (and some girl) on the cover in swimsuits!!! More on them in the next post, in the meantime:

Valerie Perrine.
I first remember seeing her in Superman. I was nine years old and I fell in love with her. Here was a bad girl working with Lex Luthor who saw the error of her ways and doublecrossed him for Superman. Back tracking to 1976, she was in New York to be interviewed for After Dark (and to see Bob Fosse's Chicago). The movie she was promoting was W.C. Fields and Me. Her co-star was Rod Steiger who she didn't exactly enjoy working with. Because of his method acting, the only time they spoke was in front of the camera. She also said that director Arthur Hiller wasn't a "barrel of laughs". She thought the character she played was dull, but she got to keep her $30,000 wardrobe.

Another actress featured in this issue was Geraldine Fitzgerald. Her career was discussed like her personal triumph Long Day's Journey into Night, the revival of Eugene O'Neill's Ah, Wilderness! and her cabaret recital at New York's Lincoln Center in 1974 called Geraldine Fitzgerald Sings.

Five years prior to the publication of this issue, the Dance Theatre of Harlem began and has taken New York by storm. It had developed into an important classical ballet company and was on par with some of the finest classical troupes in the country. Dancer Mel Tomlinson and ten other male dancers were performing at the Uris Theater on Broadway.

There was also an ad for Bette Midler's new album Songs for the New Depression.

In a music review they discuss Bob Dylan's involvement in the album. He wrote the song "Buckets of Rain" and participated on the vocals with Ms. Midler.

An autobiography "as told to Cindy Adams" by Jolie Gabor was reviewed. We all know Jolie's daughters and according to the article they were not happy with the way they were portrayed. Now I've got to get the book.

A couple of other things were happening that I'd have loved to have seen. One was Phyllis Diller who was appearing at the Empire Room in Chicago

and husband/wife team of Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss were part of a sextet in Alan Ayckbourn's trilogy of plays titled The Norman Conquests.

Stephen McHattie played the title role in the "NBC World Premiere Movie" James Dean: Portrait of a Friend.

The short career of James Dean was featured in an article by Chris Huizenga.

The rest of the issue will be continued in the next post!!!

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